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Roof purchase is protected by 2 types of warranties

It is no surprise that customers have started making informed and logical decision regarding their renovation plans, and it is no surprise if they choose to work with a roofing company that offers warranty on its products and services.  As the best roofing company in North Vancouver, we are product to announce that two types of warrantees protect our roof services and products purchase.

Workmanship Warranty

Workmanship warranties protect consumers from mistakes made by the contractor during the installation process. If your roof fails because a roofing product was not installed correctly, you would have to rely on the contractor who provided the installation. If however, your roofing or siding material deteriorated prior to the “face value” of your warranty coverage, you would look to the manufacturer of the product for settlement.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Manufacturer’s warranties provide LIMITED coverage against manufacturer’s defects that cause their products to fail pre-maturely. They are not all encompassing warranties as many people perceive them to be. The term “manufacturer’s defect” is perhaps the most confusing detail of understanding your roof’s warranty. Manufacturers define a defect as variance from the intended product design. They do not promise that the shingle will look the same over its LIFETIME and it is unrealistic to expect a shingle not to experience natural deterioration when exposed to the elements.

Standard Warranty Coverage

All shingle warranties have small differences to make their offerings more attractive. Many contractors will provide homeowners marketing documentation highlighting the advantages of their preferred shingle. Documentation created by a manufacturer will obviously be biased towards their product.

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