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Nika Roofing Products

At Nika Roofing, we strive to offer premium-quality roofing products that comply with highest standards of workmanship and industrial protocols. We take immense pride in the quality of our products to ensure that the commercial or residential roofing for our clients remains intact for many years to come. In addition, we have collaborated with the top manufacturers and suppliers in Vancouver to supply us with top-notch quality materials to construct and repair the roofing for our clients.

Our Roofing Products

At Nika Roofing, we provide the following range of products:

Asphalt Shingles

Our selection of organic asphalt shingles is manufactured using a combination of organic recyclable materials, such as, cellulose, wood fiber, waste paper. The materials are further saturated with asphalt material to make it resistant to water and corrosion to ensure that our asphalt shingles roofing last you for a long time. In addition, we integrate a layer of adhesive asphalt to the manufactured product for strengthening its durability and strength in the long run.


Cedar Shakes

Cedar shakes plays a crucial role in the installation and maintenance of roofs; therefore, we are proud to announce that we have access to industrial-grade shake in North Vancouver. Cedar shake is derived from a variety of cedar trees, and it is known for its strength and durability, which is why we integrate this product into the roofing project for our client.
torch-on roof north van

Torch On Membrane

We offer torch-on-membrane at Nika Roofing to ensure that you are getting access to first-rate roofing material for your roof. The layers of a torch down roof are manufactured using bitumen, an asphalt compound, which is further infused with plastic or rubber for creating by-products.

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