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Are you looking for professional and reliable roof repair services North Vancouver? Nika Roofing Ltd has become a household name in North Vancouver for offering exceptional and high-quality roof repair services.

Nika Roofing North Vancouver

We work as a full service roofing company to take care of your roofing needs at an affordable pricing. Our team of North Vancouver roofers inspects your roof to devise a feasible solution for the concern, and we proceed from there accordingly.

At Nika Roofing, we take immense pride in offering our clients with a free estimate on our services to help them make a informed decision. We consider several factors when devising a plan to maintain or fix your roof. In addition, our roof repair services in North Vancouver are backed up with workmanship warranty and manufacturer’s warranty.

Trusted North Vancouver Roofers

Nika Roofing strives to become a premier choice for roof repair Vancouver. We are ready to go a mile ahead to improve on our services and to provide excellent roof maintenance services that our clients wouldn’t find elsewhere in North Vancouver.
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Commercial Roofing

If you are a business owner then, you shouldn’t miss out on any factor that could lower the efficiency of your office—starting with repairing and maintaining the roof of your office’s buildings. The exterior of your building reflects the core values of your business; therefore, you should update your roof structure and composition.

Residential Roofing

Dealing with a broken or dusty chimney shouldn’t be your last resort; therefore, we arrive for your assistance when you request for us. Our residential roofing services focus on improving, maintaining, and repairing your house’s roof. We look into the possible factors that could be responsible for deteriorating your roof, and we fix them accordingly.

Roof Repair & Maintenance

If you are the best roofing company in Vancouver then, we would make an excellent choice for you. We offer a wide range of roof repair and roof maintenance services. Our roof inspection process is inclusive and we do not miss a single detail!

Nika Roofing Services

We offer the following roofing services to our broad range of customers in Vancouver

TPO Roof Repair & Installation

Finding an installer or repairer for TPO roofing could be rare; therefore, we offer TPO roof repair and installation services to our customers. If you notice a breakage or any problem with your TPO roofing, give us a call, and we will repair it immediately.

EPDM Roof Repair & Installation

Opting for rigorous roof repair and maintenance can preserve the composure of EPDM roofing for many years to come. We specialize in the installation of EPDM roofing as well as we offer repair services to our customers. Reach out to us to book a quote with us!

Cedar Roof Repair & Installation

It is no surprise that cedar roofs are susceptible to breakage and other vulnerabilities; therefore, you can trust us to take care with repairing and maintaining your cedar roofs.

Why Choose Nika Roofing?

If you are contemplating seeking services for roofing , Nika Roofing would make an exceptional choice for you. We work with a team of experienced and trained professionals who comply with high industrial and workmanship standards to offer our services to you. We follow a simple approach that is based on: offering premium roof repair, maintenance, and installation services, customer services, quality workmanship, and focus on safety.